Travis Dove:

“Two weeks ago, I had a chance to hunt with Kuche Safaris on some of the best hunting grounds South Africa has to offer. Not only were the hunts extremely fun!! The family, staff, and PHs were absolutely amazing!! All I can say… is that they welcomed me into their home and treated me with the best possible experience a person can imagine on an African Hunting Safari. I felt right at home. It was a truly a once in a lifetime experience… that you can do more than once. 😊 Kuche Safari, advertises that “it is all about you”. With-out-a-doubt that is exactly how they operate, and they live up to their motto.

Thank you, Kuche Safari!! For they amazing experience and the second trip of a lifetime!! My family is already looking to book our next trip! PS I told Tia Durrant we are just going to have to buy another house…. I am running out of wall space… Tia already said I could not move the wedding picture. I guess I win some and lose some. 😊

PS. Kuche has a Solid COVID plan, as-well-as they make it extremely easy to COVID-Test and return back to the States. It literally took 15 minutes and I was back to camp. My PCR test worked perfectly and I had no issues. If you have any questions Just IM me, I am happy to share more of my experience!!”


Raphael Campos:

Day 3 of Hunting was another hard, all day hunt for Marcus and I with no luck. Day 4 of hunting was another hard day of hunting and when I say hard hunting this is no sitting in a deer stand kinda hunt. It’s all stalk hunting and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Kuche Safaris is a TRUE African Safari!! Marcus took this wildebeest mid day of day 4 and called it a day since he had taken the 4 he came for. Cobus (my PH) and I Ate lunch out in the field and kept at it. Then as the sun was setting I spotted this massive Kudu (grey ghost of Africa) which I clearly experienced how they got that name. Cobus took a look at him through his binoculars and gave me the go ahead. Took my shot, he ran 30 yards and hit the ground. I felt like I just won the World Series. All of our hard work paid out. This has been one of the best experiences in my life!! I highly recommend kuche safaris.