We operate out of different camps in the Limpopo province which is placed and designed for your comfort. Your specie list and timing of the year will determine in which camp you will be hosted

Limpopo – Base Camp

Our comfortable and spacious main camp is situated 3 ½ hours drive from Johannesburg International airport in the Limpopo Province near Lephalale or formally Ellisras. The camp is in a malaria free area and within comfortable reach of all our surrounding hunting and photographic areas. After a long and sometimes hard day out in the bush you can enjoy the welcome of an African fire, the clean swimming pool or if it’s too cold enjoy our air-conditioned lounge with our open and well stocked bar facility and be pampered by our staff. This is where you can exchange the day’s events with your friends and fellow travelers. You might also feel like sitting in a stand close to camp and watch the animals come to drink at a waterhole nearby. Bring your camera along…you might see Giraffe, Zebra or a warthog enjoying a mud bath.

Our six en-suite rooms are serviced and cleaned daily. Yes…you are allowed to leave your clothes on the floor. All rooms are fully equipped with hot water showers, flush toilets, very comfortable beds with fresh linen, crisp clean towels and hairdryers. All your electrical equipment will work on our system and adapters will be provided for you to make use off.

Our camp is run by our experienced staff that is eager to cater to our clients every need. You shouldn’t plan loose weight on your safari as our well trained chef excels in gourmet meals. The area is safe and you can feel free to take a stroll on your own…

Camp Ferro

It is a fact that no other country can compete with or offer the abundance of wild game together with the number of different hunt-able species that can be found in South Africa.
This makes South Africa unique in its own way and in a class of its own. South Africa is rated as the prime area for experienced or novice hunters. A Great place to go and to experience with your wife, friend or family weather on a hunting or photographic safari.
When travelling South Africa, you will find from wide open areas to prime lush bushveld as hunting areas. Each area with a beauty and challenge of its own. Bushveld makes for a more challenging personal hunt with shots around 100 to 200 yards, while longer shots can be taken in open savannah areas.
Kuche Safaris was just awarded contract to hunt from 2019 onwards on one of the most desired and prime hunting areas known in the Limpopo province of South Africa.
The Limpopo province is also known for quality game and bigger trophies in South Africa. That is why experienced hunters refer to it as the hunting capitol of South Africa.
This property is very sought after and many hunting operators tendered for the rights to hunt this area. This gives Kuche Safaris the sole mandate to hunt this game rich bushveld area of 85000 acres which Kuche Safaris now offer to you.
With 85000 acres in one area to your availability and lots of wild free roaming game you will have a quality hunt that not many in South Africa and Namibia can offer.
Game are well managed over the years and with a set quota that is annually determined the area will not be overhunted and will therefore produce quality trophies year after year.
You can be assured of a quality time, hunt and trophies.
Game can be found here and on what Kuche have a hunting quota on:
Blue Wildebeest
Cape Buffalo –
Red Hartebeest
Species not listed we have access to and can be hunted in other areas.
Species to be seen but not for hunting are too many to name but you can find Cheetah, Leopard, Hyena, Rhino as well as many different species of colorful African birds like the Secretary bird, Crested Roller family, Vulture, Eagle and many more unique to South Africa and to this region.
With a drive of 3.5 hours from Johannesburg International Airport and no additional flights you will find this pristine lodge situated in a malaria free area rights within the hunting area.


Our well trained chef will prepare some of the meat from animals that have been hunted. Dinner is mouthwatering and something you will look forward to. Early in the morning the hunt starts off with a light English breakfast which is served with real coffee and fruit juice. After the morning hunt, brunch is served and then you can take the open spaces and hunt again. Sometimes lunch is served in the field when hunting. This will be a light barbeque with sandwiches and snacks. A three course meal is served after the day’s hunt. During the day coolers are provided with light snacks, water, soda and fruits. Foods are freshly prepared for every meal and you will be able to enjoy some of the meat of your hunt. You will not loose weight…haha. South Africa is one of the leaders in the world on top quality wines, and you can enjoy some of these after a days hunt, during dessert and afterwards around the fire place.Please Note: If you have any medical condition (for ex: like Diabetes) that we should be aware of, please let us know before hand so that we can be ready to handle this to your satisfaction.


Ellisras/Lephalale is situated about 2760 foot above sea level. South Africa’s seasons are just the opposite of the USA. Our hunting areas are mostly in our summer rainfall areas which from November to March. Below is a rough guide of our temperatures:

Months: March – April, Limpopo: 60 – 90, Northern Cape: 50 – 80
Months: May – June, Limpopo: 50 – 80, Northern Cape: 40 – 70
July is the coldest 40 – 70 and then it warms up from mid August onwards.

Winter starts at the end of April with an average day temperature of about 70 degrees and night temperatures 60 degrees. We are in a summer rainfall area with normal rainfalls from Mid November to March the following year. Wintertime (June to mid August) hunting is done in lovely days and chilly nights. SPF 30 sunscreen or higher can be used in daytime hunting even during our wintertime.


Our suggestions to the client is to wear dark Khaki brown or green coloured clothing during the hunt. Long sleeved trousers and shirts are recommended for daytime hunting although some hunters prefer to wear short sleeved clothing. Cameo clothing is not needed but on bow hunts as dark as possible would help. Sometimes a hunt can turn out in a long walk and so we would suggest using light weight clothing. A light jacket is advisable for early in the morning and late afternoons.
We suggest that you bring light weight hiking boots with soft soles as well as two pairs of boots around ankle height. Please don’t bring new boots as this can ruin your hunt. You can pack light as a daily laundry service is provided.


Kuche Safaris operates out of Malaria free areas and you will be notified if it’s needed otherwise. No shots are needed for most of our hunting areas in South Africa. You will need preventive Malaria medication if going to Kruger National Park or Zimbabwe. For Zimbabwe we will also recommend a yellow fever shot. Please let us know beforehand of any medical conditions that we need to be aware of to prevent situations. Good medical infrastructure are plus minus 20 minutes away from camp. Ellisras have a very good private hospital with very well trained staff and good doctors. In case of an emergency a helicopter is also available.
All our PH’s have passed a basic first aid course.