Payments & Gratuities


* You can pay your $1000 deposit (Plainsgame hunt) or 20% deposit of total safari price for Big 5 hunts into our USA account if you prefer.
After your deposit, your safari is to be paid in full on the last day. The balance can be paid in cash or EFT on-site to our USA account.

Due to bank costs, commissions and transfer costs when wiring funds to South Africa, we charge a 3% fee on the funds paid to our USA account after your hunt. This is not applicable to your deposit and outstanding taxidermy fees.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the risk of scamsters, we will NOT be sending you our banking/transfer details via e-mail. If you happen to receive banking details/payment instructions via e-mail, IGNORE. Doesn’t matter how legit it looks like.

Purchasing of other items ( Gifts, souvenirs etc..)

South Africa’s currency is “ZAR” (Rand) of which the symbol is “R”. 1 US $ (Dollar) is more or less equivalent to seven rand (R7.00) depending on the exchange rate. Most stores outside the airport do not except dollars. You can pay with a Master or Visa card all over South Africa. We will assist you to exchange Dollars to Rand at the airport on your arrival. We also have an exchange bureau in our local town.


“How much should I tip my PH, skinner, tracker and lodge staff?” A frequently asked question.
It’s not an easy question to answer because tips are not obligatory and are at the discretion of the hunters. All staff are well informed of this fact and should accept anything given as a bonus to their salaries.

Here are some suggestions, merely a point of reference:
Tips can be given in US Dollar or in South African currency. On a typical basic plains game safari the average tip for the Professional hunter is between $70 – $100 per day. We recommend $10 per animal that the skinner skins for you and if he was also your tracker and helper in the field each day, a couple $’s extra, depending if he had to work hard to recover wounded animals for you.

On a standard safari we will stay at two different lodges so supporting staff may be tipped at your discretion. We advice you to give the tips to the helpers yourself, in a sealed envelope that we will provide.