Hunting with us

Come and experience the magic of African hunting.

Hunting conditions in our areas are very much the same as in the south-western part of Texas. We have really large hunting areas all over South Africa with sizes that vary from 3000 acres to 90 square miles. Most of your hunting in the Limpopo will be on areas up to 25 000 acres with lots of plains game. You will have a good chance of running into Rhino, Buffalo, Giraffe and sometimes Leopard & Cheetah.

The best practical time for hunting in our area is between April and October when day’s are good and nights are cool. The visibility then is much better and game is spotted easier. May is our Rut season. Hunting is done the way you like it walk-and–stalk, from blinds and vehicles. We at Kuche Safaris cater for rifle- bow- crossbow- and pistol hunters. We also undertake green hunts on request. At Kuche Safaris we hunt the way you like it and build your safari around your needs and physical abilities. Opportunities on trophy animals should be taken as they arise. Don’t be sorry…. All the animals on your wishlist is hunted at the same time and not specie by specie. If you hunt specie by specie you will most likely not complete your list.

The best time for archers is from June to end October just before the normal rain starts. Blinds are used for archers with good successes. We also do hunts on a required basis in Burkina Faso and Zimbabwe this is arranged on your personal request. This involves special permits for these countries.

Kuche Safaris make use of privately owned concessions and therefore can offer you a wide variety of game and good trophies. Research has shown that there are now more wild animals in this area than 60 years ago because of the conservation system we apply. This ensure you of a great time and really good trophies – have a look at our gallery section.

The Ellisras/Lephalale area is not called the hunting capital of South Africa for nothing, because of the high population and quality of trophy animals. Other areas may offer you a cheaper hunt but the quality of the trophy might not be on the same standard.

On big 5 the law requires a minimum caliber of .375 . When out hunting it will be you, your Professional Hunter, Tracker and the wild African nature … The challenge in on… You will be surrounded with a big variety of trees, birds, grass and animals. During your hunt you PH will tell you more about animals, trees etc… With us it is about the whole experience and not just about killing. Our area offers 52 different species of animals which can be hunted. While out hunting for one specie you will encounter others as well. We hunt in other areas as well to fulfill your specie needs and to give you the best trophies available. We definitely don’t just shoot the first animal we see unless it’s a good trophy.

Because hunting is a traditional sport, we at Kuche Safaris love it when traditions are carried over and enjoy it when fathers hunt with their children that are the only way to ensure that these sports of ours will survive. Woman and children are more than welcome. About 75 – 80% of our returning clients are couples. We encourage this passion.

The art of tracking by our experienced African trackers is magic how they can identify a specific track that you are looking for between hundreds of others and then find the right animal a distance away… This is the magic of Africa… and you can be part of this
Bow hunting is mostly done out of stands and blinds which are setup around 30 yards. We recommend broad heads with a cutting diameter of 1 ½ inches and 250 grain.

Rifle use; Please see price-list for our recommendations on certain species. You can sight your rifle on 100 yards. You will experience the art of the African tracker. This is a skill that is busy dying out but something that is really an experience. Shot placement on African animals is quite different from animals in the rest of the world, because of the placement of the vital organs. You will enjoy your hunt with Kuche Safaris as we built your hunt around you.. because it is your hunt.

On small to medium sized animals a 7mm – .300 calibers would be big enough and on bigger animals from .300 upwards. On our price list we have a guideline to help you to decide. This is what we recommend, not the Alfa and Omega and it may differ, for example a Kudu can be shot with a 7mm and an Impala with a .375. Remember it is all about shot placement. Shot placement is the single most important part of hunting African animals.

A typical hunting day

We try to spend as much time as possible out in the bush. You will be accompanied by your guide and tracker every day. Your typical hunting day would be to get out of bed at +/- 05:00 in the morning, have a light breakfast and after that go out to your hunting area where you would hunt. If you kill before lunch then go back to camp for skinning and lunch, where after you will go out again. If you don’t kill in the morning session you will stay out and will have sandwiches and or a small barbeque out in the field. Around lunchtime the animals are normally bedded down. Most of our areas have cold room facilities. If that is the case you will have a lunchbox and stay out hunting.

If you do a combination with bow and rifle we would hunt rifle early in the morning and spend the afternoon hunting out of blinds. This can also be changed the other way around depending on the animals drinking and eating habits at the time. After lunch you would go back hunting for the rest of the day until dark. After a trophy is killed you would go back to camp so that the trophy could be skinned and taken care of unless cold room facilities are available on the area. Your day will then be adjusted accordingly. Important to know is that African game doesn’t like cold too much unlike North American game. African game go in the hiding when it is cold

Enjoy your hunt…