Arrival at the airport

We will personally meet you at the airport and help you to collect your rifle. If your flight arrives in the evening and you are hunting in Limpopo province we will drive to camp. If it’s a Northern Cape hunt, we will overnight at a guesthouse on the way to Northern Cape.

( If flying the London – Heathrow route, RIFLE PERMITS SHOULD BE OBTAINED BEFORE FLIGHT)

Steps on arriving at the airport:

  1. Claim your luggage
  2. Ask the police at customs inside where to sign for your rifle.
  3. Go to the arrival lobby where we will meet you. (As you exit through the glass door, turn right. You will meet us at a thick pillar on your right.)
  4. We will then take and assist you to receive our rifle.

Life’s a journey, so … enjoy the ride…
That’s why we say; Welcome to Africa

To travel to Africa is a long flight but it is the only uncomfortable thing of coming to Africa but if you follow our advice and use the recommended companies you won’t be disappointed. We would advice clients not to take flights via Europe but rather to fly over DAKAR to South Africa. It happened too many times to clients where their rifles got lost or damaged in Europe.

If you decide to rent a rifle from us, the Europe option might safe you some money.

Flying and traveling:

Delta Airlines offers a direct flight to Johannesburg Int. Airport from Atlanta (about 15 hours). South African Airways fly to Dakar (You stay on the plane) and then stops in Johannesburg. They also have a direct flight from Washington. There are different time zones for buying tickets. Example; January till end April is not as expensive as from 1st of May till mid August. Mid August till December is also cheaper and more affordable. Ask your travel agent for more details. We recommend Gracy Travel and Custom Travel as we do your rifle importation you don’t use or pay for those services.

Traveling to and from the airport is done in air conditioned vehicles with a responsible licensed driver. The size of the group will determine the size of the vehicle. Most of the traveling is done on good surfaced tar roads with a speed limit of 75 miles an hour on main roads. Hunting areas are normally a short drive from camp. Kuche Safaris (Limpopo) is about 3 hours driving from Johannesburg International airport.(OR Tambo) where you will fly in and where we will meet you and assist you though the rifle process.

Chartered flights are available on your request and account.