Kuche Safaris offer you the opportunity for a great safari in South Africa. We are known for our personal touch, service, top class trophies & quality lodging. Our proof is our high percentage of return clients. We hunt all over South-Africa for your convenience.

Bow, Crossbow, Rifle, Pistol and combination hunts. We take care of  your rifle importation to South-Africa at no cost.

Daily Rate per overnight stay in camp (US $)

1 PH: 1 Hunter = $380
1 PH: 1 Hunter + 1 Extra Person = $380 (not each and both can hunt)2 PH: 2 Hunters + 2 Partners = $300 (per couple – partners can also hunt)Additional Non-Hunters = $120 (per night)

Specie Pricelist 2021

PLEASE NOTE: All species with an (*) requires a permit. We need to be notified 30 days prior to your safari if you plan on hunting one of them so that we’ll have sufficient time to apply for the permits. Thank you in advance.

If specific sizes are required by the client on animals then the following will apply as this increase our cost;
SCI Bronze prices – Below listed prices are applicable
SCI Silver prices – Below listed prices to be increased by 30%
SCI Gold prices – Below listed prices to be increased by 50% (on Kudu 60%)
* If you hunt on our normal pricelist (listed below) there is no restrictions on sizes and SCI miminums is our start-off standard and if you find a SCI Gold animal, it is your luck!