Prices 2019

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Kuche Safaris offer you the opportunity for a great safari in South Africa. We are known for our personal touch, service, top class trophies & quality lodging. Our proof is our high percentage of return clients. We hunt all over South-Africa for your convenience.

Bow, Crossbow, Rifle, Pistol and combination hunts. We take care of  your rifle importation to South-Africa at no cost.

Daily Rate per overnight stay in camp (All prices in US $)

1 PH: 1 Hunter = $380
1 PH: 1 Hunter + 1 Extra Person = $380 (not each and both can hunt)
2 PH: 2 Hunters + 2 Partners = $300 (per couple – partners can also hunt)
Additional Non-Hunters = $120 (per night)

Specie Pricelist 2019

PLEASE NOTE: All species underlined & in bold requires a permit. We need to be notified 30 days prior to your safari if you plan on hunting one of them so that we'll have sufficient time to apply for the permits. Thank you in advance.

If specific sizes are required by the client on animals then the following will apply as this increase our cost;
SCI Bronze prices - Below listed prices are applicable
SCI Silver prices - Below listed prices to be increased by 30%
SCI Gold prices - Below listed prices to be increased by 50% (on Kudu 60%)
* If you hunt on our normal pricelist (listed below) there is no restrictions on sizes and SCI miminums is our start-off standard and if you find a SCI Gold animal, it is your luck!

Baboon $ 350   Nyala $ 2800
Blesbuck Common $ 550   Ostrich $ 550
Blesbuck White $ 1100   Porcupine $ 550
Bushbuck $ 1200   Red Hartebeest $ 1200
Bushpig $ 950   Roan $ 6800
CAT: Caracal $ 1100   Steenbuck $ 500
CAT: Civet $ 1100   Springbuck Common $ 550
CAT: Genet $ 450   Springbuck White $ 1100
CAT: Serval $ 1100   Springbuck Black $ 900
Common Duiker $ 500   Springbuck Copper $ 1500
Common Reedbuck $ 1100   Springbuck Slam $ 2900
Crocodile $ 4500   Sable $ 6500
Eland Cape $ 2500   Tsessebe $ 2800
Gemsbuck $ 1200   Warthog $ 500
Giraffe $ 2500   Waterbuck $ 2300
Hippo $ 7500   Waterbuck Cow $ 500
Honeybadger (limited) $ 1100   Wildebeest Black $ 1200
Impala $ 550   Wildebeest Black Cow $ 450
Impala Black $ 1700   Wildebeest Blue $ 1200
Klipspringer $ 1800   Wildebeest Blue Cow $ 450
Kudu Greater (Larger) $ 2800   Wildebeest Golden $ 2500
Kudu Cape (Smaller) $ 1400   Zebra Burchell's $ 1200
Lechwe $ 2800   Zebra Mountain $ 1800
Mountain Reedbuck $ 1100   Dangerous Game    
Monkey Vervet $ 350   Cape Buffalo $ 11500
Jackal $ 550   Lion Male $ 15000 upwards
        Lioness $ 5500



Daily Rates & Packages Includes:
Accommodation, Meals, Laundry, Soft drinks, Water, Professional Guide, Skinner, All road transport within hunting areas, Field preparation on trophies, Pick-up & Drop-off at airport, All SA taxes and Rifle Importation.
Daily Rates & Packages Excludes:
Personal expenses, Any extra sigh-seeing, Permit fees where applicable, Gratuities to staff, Any airfare, Rifle hire & Taxidermist.

* Animals wounded and not recovered to be paid in full.

Recommended Rifle use:

Small-Medium sized animals: (Up to 400lbs) 7mm - .300
Large animals: (400lbs Upwards) .300 upwards

Taxidermy & Trophies

At Kuche Safaris we have an in-house taxidermy facility. You are under no obligation to make use of our service and can still use the taxidermy of your choice.

We at Kuche safari provide you with an experienced and affordable taxidermy who can help you finish off a perfect safari with perfect trophies. Insurance on your trophies can be arranged with the export shipping agency. This is advisable, affordable and in our opinion very important. Your trophies are just as important to us as it is to you. We know this is the finish to a successful safari. This is the biggest part of your memories and we know this. We will take real good care of your trophies and will easily stop a hunt to take care of a trophy that has just been killed. Our trained skinner (We take them regularly for updating) will take care of the skinning and salting of your trophy. After the hunt we take the trophies to our taxidermist who we trust with our own trophies. We will take your order and confirm later if necessary. You have the choice of 2 options;

Dip and Pack to do your trophies back home (Turn around time +/- 6 months)

Mount your trophies here in South Africa at very reasonable prices and where the taxidermy knows what they should look like. (Turn around time around 12 months to shipping agent) The taxidermy will receive the trophies but will only start to work on them after a 50% deposit was paid to him. The difference to be paid after the work is completed. This deposit and payment can be done on the last day of your safari or you can pay it onto our USA account that we will provide when needed. We will help you find a reliable cleaning agent on your side in your receiving part if you need one.