In Swahili, the word “Kuche” means: “To be busy and happy from dawn to dusk”
This is our promise to you. Pure enjoyment with a personal touch!

For many people it’s a lifelong dream to go on a safari to Africa be it a photo safari or hunting experience. When going on a safari to any unknown country, there arise a lot of questions that needs to be answered. We realize that you have to put your trust, values and money in the hands of a stranger at the time.

As you take a tour through our website you will realize that you as the client are the most important aspect in this business for us. This is the reason we have 80% returning clients. You will find that our prices are more than competitive and very reasonable. Our prices are far below the standard of the service that you will benefit from. We want you to experience and enjoy your Safari with your loved ones and friends. You will be pampered by our staff in our family friendly camps and environment. We are committed to conservation, fair chase and most important; our promise to you.