Travelling to South Africa
To travel from your home country to a unknown foreign country for the first time can be like exploring was done in the old days, full of uncertainties, doubts and challenges.

To make this more comfortable you can book your flights through a travel agent who will always be there if something goes wrong or you need them for who know what might happen.

You also have the option to book yourself on line.

We advise our clients to cover the flight with travel insurance for peace of mind. We have a list below for recommended travel agents. The reason we recommend them is the fact that they are very experienced in handling hunters and are in business for years and therefore very experienced.
Hunters bring special needs when it comes to travelling with rifles ammo and equipment.
Most of these agents offer meet and greet services on Johannesburg airport and can also assist with the importation of your rifles.

At Kuche Safaris we also offer the same service in assisting with the importation of your rifles provided you send us the next documents 30 days prior to arrival:
– Copy of passport
– Copy of airline reservation
– Copy of DA 4457 USA Customs Form signed and stamped by customs.

We ask our clients to arrive on a Sunday for various reasons like:
– Firearm office not so busy
– Roads are not busy for travelling to camp If you arrive after 7pm then we will have to sleep over at a hotel as it can be unsafe on the roads at night due to late night travelling and stray animals, and we do not want to risk your and our safety. This is for your account and we will use comfortable, safe and affordable lodging

Covid brought new challenges to flying but it is all easy and doable. All countries have different requirements enforced by their governments and these requirements might differ from country to country.
Please make sure on what are the required covid requirements for your layover destination.

For entering South Africa proof of a negative swap test is required upon entry. For your return flight we have two up-standard laboratories (Lancet and Ampath) in town and will take you there in the morning of your last day of hunting the day before your departure. Cost per test is roughly $60

Travelling with guns:
To travel with guns bring obstacles by itself from destination to destination. Travelling with guns through any Europe, London or mid East destination requires pre-approved permits for your rifles. Some do need the same for bows. Please confirm with your travel agent as there are not much we can do if things go wrong in a foreign country.

Emirates and Quatar are more friendly towards travelling with fire-arms.
The easiest and best way is to fly with Delta from Atlanta on a direct flight to Johannesburg OR Tambo Airport

For flights through Amsterdam: Jamie Cowan, EEM Logistics. +1 (915) 491-0199. can help you get you rifles through at $150 USD per person.

Other options are:
South African Airways which is down till October 2021 or further notice is on our recommendation a total no go for now.

Airlines who offer flights to Johannesburg:
– Quatar
– Emirates
– United Brittish Airways
– Ethiopian Airways * Please make a copy of your Customs DA4457 form, laminate it and stick it onto you rifle case. Have a second copy to hand-in at the Customs Office in Addis Ababa

Recommended agents for airlines:
Gracy travel
Frost for mid East flights
TWG Travel: Traveling while transporting firearms for a hunt can be overwhelming. Eliminate the stress with the team of TWG.TRAVEL Our staff knows each airline and every detail of international regulations when it comes to transporting firearms to a hunting destination. Whether you’re a first-timer, a seasoned hunter, or somewhere in between, contact us for a worry-free, turn-key experience from beginning to end.
CALL: 2108589833 | VISIT: 6222 De Zavala Road, #103, San Antonio, TX 78249
DURING THESE TIMES: Monday – Friday: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm | SERVICE AREA: Nationwide
– Hunter’s Support:

Agents in South Africa to assist with rifle importation at a minimal fee.
They also assist at the firearm office at the airport. This really speed up procedures.
Mr X:
$100 per hunter
$75 for meet and greet for group of up to four not including kids

Hunters permits :

If you need any further assistance or help please feel free to contact us on