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Draft a checklist before leaving - For your convenience we have drafted a checklist for the items you will need on your safari at Kuche Safaris.


1. Passport - Check that all relevant documentation are in order like Visas, firearms (SAP520) and letter of invitation.
2. Health Insurance - Make sure you are covered abroad.
3. Clothing - Refer to Accommodation page
4. Sunscreen - SPF30 would be recommended for daily use.
5. Binoculars
6. Knife
7. Camera
8. Range finder - (Not important in our area)
9. Rifle + Documentation - Remember to make copies of your rifle documentation and have it filled in and ready (do not sign before arrival.)  
10. Ammo - Ammo can be bought in South Africa if needed. 40 Rounds of Ammo per rifle.
11. Adaptor plug - We will provide adaptor wall plugs.
12. Hard Lockable Rifle Case - For flight travel. Soft case will be provided during the Hunt.